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About Us

A Community Together

Ever dreamed of living in a relaxing community that is a good neighborhood to raise a family? Situated in one of the most accessible areas of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, our community is a great option if you’re looking for a modest size home and a calm lifestyle.


In Pikeview West we strive to maintain our neighborhood as a desirable place to live.

About Us: About Us

Board of Directors

Thank you to each Board Member and Officer for their willingness to volunteer their time and dedicate their resources to make our community a better place to live!

Our highly committed leadership team is fueled by a deep commitment to serving the community. Whether taking care of a road repair, railroad crossing maintenance, or overseeing the upkeep of common areas, they work hard to keep your community looking good. If you would like to serve as a Board Member get in touch with a current Board Member or email us at to learn more.

Robert Diaz


Bill Anderson

Vice President

Joe Schill


Susan Heerd


Board Members

Karl Anderson

Dayna Stancil

Lucy Magruder

Stephen Edmund

Would you like to get involved in your community? Volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors.

About Us: Meet the Team
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