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Communities are much like coral, as they grow, they attract others to the community and create more dynamic interactions. So it’s up to the people to create a space for the coral to form and nurture its growth.

Pikeview West Home Owners Association

It is important for all homeowners to be proactive and get involved in the community and the Home Owners Association.

What makes a good HOA? There are so many possible answers to this question. So much will depend on the type of community association you have, your homeowners, your assets and facilities, and so on. However, at the very base, a successful community has several traits or characteristics.

The HOA board cannot run a successful community on its own. You will need the involvement and cooperation of homeowners. This not only makes community management easier and manageable but working with like-minded people also makes the experience more fun.

While it’s true that the HOA is the governing board and homeowners are required to follow HOA guidelines, it is possible for both parties to collaborate and work together. Your homeowners are valuable resources; their experience and expertise can help the community function optimally.

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