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When are HOA Dues?

Our HOA Dues are due June 1st of each year.  They are considered late and have additional penalties accessed if not paid by July 31st.

How much is the Annual HOA Dues?

The annual dues are $150 per year.

Whom should I contact for a burned-out street light?

Anyone can report a streetlight that is not working.  Go to the Potomac Edison website and file the report.

Potomac Edison (

Who handles trash service?

The trash collection is handled by Apple Valley Waste and Panhandle Dumpsters.  they collect trash once a week on Wednesdays (with exceptions for holidays).


Panhandle Dumpsters contact email:

Apple Valley Waste contact email:

What do I do about my neighbor's unkept yard?

You can go to the Berkeley County government website and file a complaint at Berkeley County, WV | Official Website (

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